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Mom said:   May 3, 2013 5:54 am PST
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIJA...today would have been your 31st birthday...we are going to celebrate your birthday tomorrow at the Cinco de Mayo celebration with your sisters & brother, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends & of course, your Precious 3. You are so missed by so many! We are still in so much pain because your are no longer here to share so many special events, like your birthday. Surround us with your beautiful angel wings Sweetheart...we love & miss you so much..sending you a big ((hug))..love you xoxo MOM :(

Mom said:   March 22, 2013 9:21 am PST
Good Morning my beautiful Angel..You finally came to me in my dream...Thank You..was a great bday present from you today! I have been praying for you to come in my dreams but you never do...I guess you wanted to wait for my bday..glad you did..I felt us hugging..but didn't want to see you go away...Luv u Mija...miss u so much..Thank u for my bday present dream!!! ((hugs)) always in my heart forever!

Mom said:   January 25, 2013 10:42 pm PST
Hello my beautiful Angel..now we are at 19 months with still no JUSTICE for you..still praying & waiting for the day to come we get the news that the Darkside has been caught!!! It has been a very bittersweet week..as you know your Precious 3 had special requests for Gina & Chente (D'Srey), Michelle & Jaime (K'iawna) & Varmae & Danny (Andres)...they asked them to be their godparents! We finally are going to baptize them..I wanted them to be adopted first before we proceed with the next "special event"...wish you could've been here! We will do our best for your Precious 3 Mija..i hope u know that..keep wrapping your beautiful angel wings around all of us! My heartaches for you every day :o( --how do u mend a broken heart such as ours?! I often wonder if you're truly at peace, are you Mija, really are you? Love you sweetheart..xoxo ((hugs))

Mom said:   December 25, 2012 12:40 pm PST
Merry Christmas my beautiful Mija.. We missed you last nite at our traditional Christmas Eve dinner..it is still very hard for us not hving you around..it has been 18 long months but it seems just like all of this heartache was yesterday..i know it will continue to be like this for a very long time...just so senseless..i wish I could talk to you..i want to know why? why??!! I may never have the answers to our questions but it doesn't stop us from wanting to know! We will do our best to raise your Precious 3..hope you will be proud of them & us!! I know I have been difficult at times but it is so hard to accept that you are truly gone..forever! I miss you terribly so..did you hear the card that Shania got for you...it was very beautiful...I know the Shania & Nick don't talk about you much but I know that they too miss you & Love YOU!! They too hurt so much...just like your Precious 3...watch over them always, your dad, your two sisters, Maarn & Brit, Johnanna, granma Petra, Tia Bessie, Granma Dolores & Pep...I know we must keep you very busy...but all you have is time, right? Merry Christmas my baby girl...help me find him, please! Luv u -- xoxo (( hugs))

Mom said:   December 18, 2012 5:57 am PST
Good Morning my Beautiful Angel: YEA!!! The day finally arrived on Thurs., Dec 13th, your Precious 3 are now legally adopted..you gave us 3 more beautiful kids, D'Srey Krystina, K'iawna Mariya & Andres Miguel on top of the 2 we already had, Shania & Nick! Aeil has nicknamed us the 'Brady Bunch' ;o) It has been a very exhausting & emotional journey but we have put alot of the stress behind us. No more visits for 'The Dark Side's' side of the family...that is such a HUGE relief to all of us especially your Precious 3!! Cris & I will do the best to make sure your Precious 3 live a good life, become caring & loving individuals & whatever else as parents need to provide to their kids..they will always be YOUR KIDS..I know the 2 littles one want to call Cris "dad" & that's fine with us but I want them to still call me "grandma" as I told them they have a MOM, she is just in Heaven..but at the end of the day, it is what ever will make them happy! THANK YOU MIJA for giving us your Precious 3...we will all take care of them for you--hope we will make your proud! Still miss you so much. ;(..keep those angel wings tightly around all of us..I know you will always be close by..xoxo ((hugs))

Tia Bess said:   November 27, 2012 11:31 am PST
Hi My Beautiful Mija, Sorry I didn't write on your anniversary but as you know, I was with your Mom and precious 3 and the rest of the family. We tried to have a good time even though it was very hard at times with you not being there with us. We will always remember you Mija. You will NEVER be forgotten!!!! I know I don't have to tell you this but your whole family is amazing!!!! The kids are so beautiful.....God I wish you were here to see and be with them!!!! Everybody loves those kids so much they don't lack for ANY love that's for sure. Your Mom and Cris are doing such a wonderful job with them and so is Shania, Nick, and all of the rest of the family and friends. It was so nice to see the family and meet my new granddaughter. She is so beautiful but again I know I don't have to tell you that because I know you see her everyday. PLEASE MIJA....watch over everybody. Especially over your MOM these next few days. With Christmas approching she will need to feel that you are wrapping those angle wings around her to give her strength to get through this holiday season. Love and Miss you Mija..... Hugs and kisses going your way!!!!! Tia Bess

Mom said:   November 18, 2012 8:29 am PST
Good Morning my beautiful Angel Tete...well here are approaching 17 months...the pain & heartache isn't any less than it was the first day...as you see we have another court visitation status hearing tomorrow..we pray this will be the last & the judge will say no more visitations for the other side..your Precious 3 don't want to go to these visits...it has been over 2 months since they had their last visit...K'iawna & Andres don't even ask about the visits..D'Srey just hope it ends! Thanksgiving is here next week...Mom, Pep, Tia Bessie & Adrian will be here ;o)...I am so THANKFUL for my family, friends & your Precious 3...it has been very hard to keep going on without you! I'm trying but it is not easy...I miss you so much! It just doesn't seem real..I pray you are at peace...I still haven't seen you in my dreams..I know at times you are by me..I feel since of calmness at times..so either you or Grandpa Rafael are here by me...you know I will try to do my best for the holidays..they are are for me, always have been since Grandpa was taken from us 41 years ago too! Watch over Tia Bess & them coming up, may they have a safe trip..your uncles & aunts who will be hunting over the holiday...we will have a place for you at the dinner table, just like last year! Miss you & LOVE YOU...xoxo ((hugs))

Mom said:   October 25, 2012 9:28 pm PST
Hello my beautiful Angel..here it is today 16 months since your were taken from us...does the pain ever ease?..it is as raw today as the day we were told you were gone...we miss you so much..tomorrow we will be in the Nevada Day parade..the float JUSTICE FOR STEPHANIE..PINK & PURPLE..No one will ever forget you Mija..NO ONE.. Please keep your Precious 3 safe & watch over them..Monday will be a big day..I hope..finally they will no longer be his!! I can hardly wait!! You know what the next court day will be...keeping our fingers crossed!! Hope this will be the END for THEM!!!! Let's see who is going to be "living a better Life"!! ;o) Love You & miss YOU!!! xoxo ((hugs))

Tia Bess said:   October 24, 2012 7:56 am PST
Hi Mija...yes it is that time again! Another month has gone by. I can't believe how time has been flying by and still as painful as the first day we found out you were no longer with us!! And still NO JUSTICE for you Mija. That is just as painful. The day will come, I just pray to God that it will be very SOON!! Well as you already know, Michelle had her baby and I know you were there with her. You always were and I know you will continue to do so, just in a little different way. Mija we MISS you so much!! Keep those beautiful angle wings wrapped around the whole family and friends...we need you!!! Love ya lots Mija.... Hugs and kisses going your way!!! Love Tia Bess

Antonia Roman said:   October 23, 2012 8:14 pm PST
Stephanie there are so many moments when I wish I had gotten to know you better at the little Puerto Rican reuions at Pizza Barn, life is just so short. I hate that someone as wonderful as your mom has to be in so much pain because as long as I can remember your mom & Aunt Bessie have two of the biggest hearts I know. I wonder if you hear everyones prayers for her strength? You must because she does everything and makes it look so easy. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful example of motherhood to me; even when I get irritate with my boys I stop and think of you and wrap my arms around them. I HATE that you aren't here to see your wonderful kids each day, I wish I had half the strength of D'Srae she's so amazing and loving and STRONG. (Just like you I suppose) Please help us find that evil person and bring him to justice.

Mom said:   October 5, 2012 6:32 am PST
Good Morning my beautiful Stephanie: It has been a tough past week again! The visitation status hearing has been cancelled & rescheduled for 2 months down the road...when will all this end??Sometimes I feel that the justice system & some attorneys don't really understand the heartache & frustration that we the victim's family go thru! What is another visit going to accomplish that hasn't been accomplished or changed in 15 months!!! I am so, so sorry that your Precious 3 have to endure such frustration & visitations...we know they don't want to be there..hopefully it will end SOON!! I guess I just need to keep "hanging in there" & "be patient" a bit longer...you need to help me here! I MISS you so much...luv you Mija..wacth over all of us & keep wrapping those beautiful angel wings a bit tighter...xoxo ((hugs))

Alma Lopez Guzman said:   October 2, 2012 1:08 pm PST
Stephanie I know you are in heaven looking down on your babies and family. After I see your pictures and read your guest book it just was so touching it brought tears to my eyes. You were so young and to be taken by a person that had no heart. I pray dearly that he will be caught sooner rather then later I know how much pain your mother must be feeling not to have him where he belongs!! I know what you must have been going through and I know that regardless of where he is just like he might have family in mexico and all over the states so do we and word travels! May god Bless your mom and family for being so strong and never give up!! May you rest in peace

Mom said:   September 22, 2012 9:42 am PST
Good Morning Mija...we are now approaching 15 months on Tuesday...this heartache keeps growing if that's even possible. WHEN is he going to be caught??? I'm trying but not succeeding very well...I hate weekends but next weekend is the the 'Stephanie Memorial Softball Tournament'! Your Precious 3 have been asked to throw out the first pitch..don't know exactly who will do it ;o) --that what so kind of them to include the kids. You know I will be there all 3 days..I miss u so much..I want JUSTICE for you!!! I am so angry, angry angry!! I despise that family & curse the day you met that lowlife...I hate the way I'm feeling! I only hope God will forgive me..I know he knows how I feel to lose a child but I'm not exactly in the forgiving mood..this shouldn't have happened! As you can see, your Precious 3 are doing as well as can be expected I guess..they don't forget you..they at least talk about you & miss you! They will always miss YOU! They will NEVER forget YOU..I will make sure of that! Keep watching over them -- all of us! I want & need a hug :( luv u xoxo ((hugs))

Mom said:   September 16, 2012 8:22 am PST
Good Morning my Angel... Today is not a good day..my heartaches for you everyday...I wish I could turn back the time..soon it will be 15 months..when, when, when will we have JUSTICE for YOU??!! How much is enough for the reward? I know they know where Eduardo is!!! How do they live with themselves day after day...I hope someday they too will know this heartache..may God forgive me for feeling this way but I want them to know what we are going thru--every single day!! I want you back, I want you back Mija!!! I remember back those final two weeks of your life without your Precious 3...I'm glad you got to spend those final few hours with them. People keep telling that he would have done this sooner or later..he wasn't going to let you go no matter what..remember I told you to be careful getting out..but you trusted him..you can't trust guys like him..I pray that anyone who reads this & find themselves in the same situation, PLEASE seek help in getting out SAFELY..this is your LIFE..don't think for a second that it can't happen to you.. I luv you MIja...stay by my side always..I need your strength..I don't know how much longer I can't take this waiting...watch over your Precious 3, Grandma, Grandpa, your dad, your siblings & all our family..wrap your angel wings really tight around us, we need you! xoxo ((hugs))

Deanna Ike said:   September 12, 2012 8:15 am PST
Hello beautiful! Just wanted to say that I can't wait to play in the softball tournament dedicated for you! To wear our "pink" shirts, I hope you watch over me and make sure that everyone does their best and to be safe out there on the field. We all miss and love you very much!! Your strong family has been doing their best on getting the word out there in bringing you justice.

Tim Gilligan said:   September 7, 2012 9:34 am PST
We love and miss you Stephanie! Justice will be served!!! Pray and believe!!!!

Crystal said:   September 6, 2012 7:38 pm PST
I have this overwelming feeling that Justice is coming soon. I dream about it and wake up thinking about it sometimes, that can only mean one thing. Please guide us to him, so that we can get Justice for you and the kids, and of course your mom. We love and miss you! Gone but never forgotten girl." xoxo

Pam said:   September 3, 2012 7:07 pm PST
Rest in piece. You were taken away to young. So sad, but to know you even have strangers looking for justice for you and your girls and your family. Thoughts and prayers are with your family, and for swift justice!

Mom said:   September 1, 2012 7:35 am PST
Good Morning my beautiful Stephanie: Well we have finally made it to another goal...our family, friends & our Elko Community have continued to step up to the plate..we know have raised a total of $15,000 for the 'Stephanie Reward Fund' at the Elko Federal Credit Bureau...Justice for Stephanie fundraisers have been awesome..we will continue to keep raising money somehow..hopefully we will have JUSTICE for YOU..SOON, Mija!! Luv u & miss you LOTS.. xoxo ((hugs)) Mom

Bessie B Salazar said:   August 30, 2012 10:18 am PST
Hi Mija.....I wish I could make the pain stop! The tears are a constant flow. I miss and think about you so much. I wish I could step into your Mom's shoes and help her out but I don't think I could fill her shoes!!! She is so amazing with all she has to deal with and all the things that she continues to do to get JUSTICE for you. She is amazing with your precious 3. And with all the help of the family and friends and the community of course. I pray to God that you are at peace and to have justice for you very very soon. All I ask of you Mija is to watch over your Mom and to give her the strength to keep going. I know she has a lot of moments and I know you are there with her to pick her up again. We love and miss you so much Mija....... Hugs and kisses going your way!!!!!! Love ya lots Tia Bess

Terri Donelow said:   August 29, 2012 9:55 am PST
I miss my friend Steph so much! She weighs on my mind all of the time because she actually saved my life...she was a great friend in my time of need. Love to her family!!

Lidia said:   August 24, 2012 7:57 am PST
My beautiful Angel...school is fast approaching...again you will miss out on them going to school. DAMN I hate this...you should be here to take them to school (i'm not compalining Mija), but you're going to miss out on their activities, help out at school, the fun things! I keep thinking this is just a nightmare & that I will wake up soon, but i don't! WHEN, WHEN WHEN will this heartache & pain go AWAY??? I miss you so much..sometimes I think you will still come thru the doors, toss your keys on the counter, say "Hi Mom, what are you cooking for dinner?"..but you don't come..I love you my ANGEL..please watch over ALL of us! Luv u..xoxox ((hugs)) Mom

Jennifer Sargent Puentes said:   August 23, 2012 10:37 am PST
There is still not one day that has gone by that I have not thought about you. I thought to myself a year ago that my tears would stop flowing soon and they havent. The thought of you brings tears to my eyes. I miss your smile, your laugh, your face, your friendship, I just miss you! I hope you hear my prayers at night and my silent thought of you in the day. I will always remember our talks and and never forget our fun times and our friendship. I love u and miss you like crazy Steph!! May you Rest In Peace forever. Until that day we meet again I say good-bye for now:(

Terry Jensen said:   August 23, 2012 7:59 am PST
Dear Sweet Lidia, your loss deeply saddens me. You are a wonderful mother and grandmother. The children are grateful to have you in their life. God Bless you and may you find peace.

Rosa Sandoval said:   August 23, 2012 7:52 am PST
We miss you allot Steph. Our LORD will soon find Justice for you.I pray for Justice everyday and your family as well.

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