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Justice for Stephanie, Non-Profit

    Justice for Stephanie, is now a non-profit entity. We have setup Stephanie Gonzalez Memorial Scholarship at our Elko High School. Our goal is someday have "Stephanie's Safe Haven" (not a shelter) in place. Many times in a volatile environment, divorced parents have to share custody of their child(ren) with the other parent who been granted supervised visitations. The court orders the supervised visits but do not tell them where such visitations are to take place, other than being supervised.
    Such was in our case, my husband supervised the other grandparents but the visitations were mainly done at a McDonald's or weather permitting at the city park, 4 hours each visit four times a month. It was a bit scary at the park, under our circumstances because the father was a fugitive after murdering our daughter and their mom, and here was this open wide environment.
    Not all cases are the same. This is where the idea was planted in my mind to have Stephanie's Safe Haven. Our goal is a home-like environment where the child(ren) visiting the supervised parent will feel safe, be comfortable and have, hopefully, a good memory with that parent in a homelike place. We hope to have an open area with a kitchen, so if the supervised parent wants, can either cook or bring food, a dining room area, a family room and a desk with a computer if the child should need help with homework, a bonding place.
    We also want to help victims of domestic violence who didn't get the chance to graduate, get GED or diploma, refresh a resume, find work so she may get back on her feet and feel independent to able to not only support herself but her family.
    We want to educate our community to the signs of domestic violence, never give up on their family member who should find themselves in such an environment. They are scared, embarrassed and humiliated...they need our love and support. Direct them to many agencies and organizations they can go to seek assistance.
    It's to late for me to save my beautiful Stephanie, I gave up on her. That is a guilt no one should have to endure. I advocate against domestic violence and will continue to educate our community so hopefully, they will recognize the red flags and help their family member, friend or co-worker. 
    Victims of domestic violence need to leave...safely!
    If you would like to donate to our non-profit, please send your tax deductible dollars to:

            Justice for Stephanie
            PO Box 2185
            Elko, NV 89803

    If you wish, you can write on the memo line: to scholarship or safe haven or leave blank if you don't wish to designate. We also help other organizations by donating to their in-kind funds, help family who are taking classes to live in healthy home environment and we continue to have domestic violence awareness events. If you need a receipt, one will be sent upon request.
    Thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to read Stephanie's story and our goals...we are still a work in progress!
    If you would like to contact me you can by writing to the above mentioned address, or email me at justice4stephanie@frontier.com.

There are other ways to contribute to Justice for Stephanie non-profit.

If you are an employee of Newmont Gold, you can donate a small percentage to ANY charities of your choice to the Newmont Legacy Fund. If you would like to donate to our Justice for Stephanie, please contact your payroll department to see how you can contribute to Justice for Stephanie. Thank you to all employees who have donated to our organization!

I know many of you do ALOT of shopping on Amazon. If you go to smile.amazon.com some of your purchases may be eligible for .5% contribution to our organization, which is dispersed quarterly. So please check it out!

More Ways to Help

Not every contribution has to be financial.  There are a lot of ways that everyone of us can help keep Stephanie's memory alive:

  • Share this website on your Facebook or Twitter page.
  • "Like" Justice for Stephanie on Facebook.
  • Contribute to your local shelter that supports women who are victims of domestic violence.
  • Talk to your family about healthy relationships and support them when they are ready to leave an abusive relationship.


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